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my latest endeavor is as internet radio host of Fashion News & Muse – fashion news & commentary + the things that make you go hmmm….which originally aired at civil discourse now. click on the highlighted episode & date notations below to listen to past episodes of fashion news & muse

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episode # 34 11/22/14 are my fashion truisms, which are available in print, just click here

episode # 33 11/8/14 recapping the theme of the kurt vonnegut library’s “veterans reclaim armistice day” event with a read-aloud of my essay “do what you have to do”

episode # 32 11/1/14 talking about a couple things that really make me go hmmm…. corsets & killer heels: have we learned anything? and just for whom are “we” doing this?

episode # 31 10/25/14 is on the nov 8 spirit & place festival event “veterans reclaim armistice day.” click here to read about the event  and on my support of Arts-based, non-violent means of expression

episode # 30 10/18/14 recaps an overnight trip my affiliate group, the FAShion Arts Society of the IMA, took to chicago, focusing on the simple magic that brought a diverse group of patrons together — in fashionable fun. FAShion Arts Society in Chicago: the Best Part of the Day

episode # 29 9/27/14 chatting on handbags, with a list of the priciest ones per a recent huffpost bit, for your listening pleasure

episode # 28 9/20/14 i talk with “regular guy” & “regular girl” about fashion statements in court & in school – & where personal expression might find itself colliding with decorum & regulation. socks or no socks? tie or no tie? spaghetti straps or the two-finger-width rule? it’s a wobbly line, but to represent order, or maintain it in the halls, we dress for more reasons than to just impress

episode # 27 9/13/14 muses on berlin street style – or the a lack thereof. having just been there & taken a small part in their version of nyc-founded fashion’s night out, & having done my vacationer’s fair share of cafe-based people watching, where the indy-area/US-ubiquitous black legging/jegging is the uniformly present wardrobe choice (despite color-saturated runway shows & magazines that insist color is everywhere & the lastest must-have), i am left to wonder: who is wearing what and when?

episode # 26 8/30/14 touches on my collection and term newly coined, “Mom Bling” definition? Mom Bling: any type of jewelry as gifted by a child to its feminine/maternal mentor/care-giver/loved one. nope, this does not include the unfortunate tokens (love + obligation – lack of time = unwearable trinket) given by well intended but taste-challenged/uncaring/late-running spouses/significant others. what’s in your collection?

episode # 25 8/23/14 today’s episode is a story i am calling the liar, the witch & the wardrobe – what started out as the tale of a texas gal & her mega closet turns out to be a lesson in honesty, fame & misfortune, & as much dirty laundry as there were knockoff bags, baubles, brogues & rogues…& it ain’t over yet….when the muses of materialism catch wind of fame based on fortune, & when fakery works overtime to achieve those warholian 15 minutes, they will throw that schneicky back so fast that when it hits one in the face, it hits with the impact of a home run

episode # 24 8/16/14 inspired by a Business of Fashion editorial the problem with one-for-one models and in my own desire to explore the underlying story behind the acquiring of the carlinesque things n stuff, i pose a series of tough questions on the omnipresent marketing ploy that is charity at point of purchase – or as i call it, Vicarious Philanthropy. in giving while getting, who really is benefiting, and in the embedding of philanthropy via consumerism, are we convoluting the path to real and solid betterment of both self and needful others? Vicarious Philanthropy: Are We Doing Good or Just Buying More?

episode # 23 8/9/15 is my back to school edition – musing on my daughter’s non-fashion statement fashion statement, how everything that is old is new again, & on the less is more concept, this time in terms of my latest fave in wearables, the “lagenlook”

episode # 22 7/26/14 is about the resurrection of 15-year old muslin curtains, doing something nice for no reason at all & the ez “green” decorating concept that is shopping your own house & breathing fun, frugal new life into old stuff

episode # 21 7/19/14 was recorded on the road & included an appearance by “regular guy” & an inaugural visit by “regular girl,” my fella and my fave tween in the universe. we chatted on their grass roots impressions on women’s style & happily the maths all added up with a few solid truisms that work for all: 1) the appearance/state of good health is key 2) don’t try too hard 3) feel free to express yourself

episode # 20 7/12/14  inspired by a NYTiimes piece on pricey, professionally done “selfie” photo shoots & the 4 million + christie’s auctioning off of a condom-strewn bedscape, i revisit emperor’s new clothes in art, where fools & their fortunes are parted in support of sky-high self-promotional mega-branding, which more & more i encounter even in casual visits. i ask, who wants to get to know whom, when instead one drone on & on & on about themself? why seek friendship when one can instead sell, sell sell? episode # 19 (july 4th weekend hiatus, did a “best of”)

episode # 18 6/28/14 touches on truth in advertising & is based on a recent Business of Fashion OpEd. from lady gaga & a lavender versace handbag photo shoot to my local cvs not giving me my discount unless i actually ask for it, the truth is evidently NOT out there

episode # 17 6/21/14 is all about reinvention of self – we do, after all, have decades to do it, so why not? from lewinsky to gaga to jolie, i consider aspects of personal evolution in style & in deed, with a brief review of disney’s latest, & welcome, take Maleficent

episode # 16 6/14/14 just what is “hipster”? a demographic? a derisive term? it’s vague but it’s everywhere. chatted w a friend on Fb who had been accused of “leaning hipster,” & in her defense (& mine!) i decided it was time to weigh in with a HuffPost piece & this podcast on hipster hate. what does the H word mean to you? read the article here: trendy wendy: what’s up with hipster hate?

episode #15 5/24/14 is on the donald sterling societal SNAFU, where political correctness obliterates the first amendment rights of a jerk in private conversation with his dubious gal pal. through the use of evidence, sterling was “tripped” up (as in linda) and plunged into national, viral disclosure and defamation, something that i believe opens a dangerous window of censorship and condemnation

episode #14 5/17/14 addresses the fake in literacy and literary appreciation, a “decorator’s” ruse, which is to uniformly bind books so as to reduce them to bland forms of books, to use for purposes of (shallow & stupid) display alone. seen years ago in a mag where books were shelved backwards, seen again in white-bound and now tan-bound books in a recent issue of Veranda, i am inspired to encourage the display of collections in all their mismatched glory, for a book might tell one story; a collection of books tells our story.

episode #13 5/10/14 too sick to record a full show, we replay episode 1 in honor of vanity fair’s piece on monika lewinsky (she’s baaaaack), which she supposedly penned herself. a gal in pathological need of attention (& probably a buck) then & now. the only thing i can surmise is that VF is publishing her latest lament now so as to get her out of the way before election time hits and hillary is up for (re)dragging through that muck

episode #12 5/3/14 taps into the local food scene, asking what is emperor’s new clothes & what is real/good/quality service – imo, an unfortunate rarity, as bad food is the norm & good service hit n miss. referencing local food blogger elizabeth musgrave’s “gotta go” piece on bluebeard, a civil calling out of silly unfairness & attempt at upper echelonism,  which bring to mind my earlier HP post, obtuse cheese: a lament. & btw, what’s up with the omnipresent apple wood smoked bacon?

episode #11 4/26/14 touches on the tragic legacy of the triangle shirtwaist factory fire, the resulting evolution of safety standards & regulations, and the recent factory collapse in bangladesh, which has led to the formation of, advocating safety standards & fair wages for workers abroad.

episode #10 4/19/14 on size & snark of mcmansions, a topic that surfaces from time to time and always fascinates: what’s up with the rambling edifices many try to call home and what do they really signify? big houses, i believe, though aesthetically questionable and often sad attempts at affluence display do reflect american society. to denigrate them is almost a pastime – so i’d like to ask on that note: why and what exactly does that say about us?

episode #9 4/12/14 is my golden opportunity to laud & magnify the US’s one true prince, he who inherited the throne we call the presidency, george w bush the artiste, whose recently unveiled exhibition of portraits of world leaders/cads now hang in his presidential “libarry” in texas

episode #8 4/5/14 addresses “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” as regards vogue’s april 2014 cover, featuring reality celeb kim kardashian & her arm rest/arm candy baby daddy-beau, kanye west: is this the mundane d-lister on a stellar climb or have the elitists gone slumming? i think it’$ much $impler than that….

episode #7 3/29/14 invokes once again carlinesque “things & stuff,” this time in context of the named generations, from boomers to x, y & z. turns out, we now can add to that roster the “yummies,” dandified young, urban males who mark their existence with costly & frivolous “things & stuff,” who are being targeted by luxury brand manufacturers the world over. step aside, you high maintenance gals; there’s a new boy on the block….

episode #6 3/22/14 is based on my recent HuffPost piece diddling with arrows: i want that job in which i & my “regular guy” lament the so-called “up”grades on my iPhone, where over-thought design nuances unfortunately outdistance actual functional fixes

episode #5 3/15/14 queries “a regular guy” for his off-the-cuff (aka unfiltered = honest) take on cosmetic surgery as it pertains to women & the impression it really leaves. it’s a realm that truly fascinates, for as much as it is purported to be done for self & for other women (to uplift the whole sisterhood or compete with it?) i believe there is a disconnect between the women who do it & whom they are (not) impressing

episode #4 3/8/14 muses on my recent Huff Post article bravo’s real housewives & the crystal fishbowl effect. having fun with a pop sociological theory & a guilty pleasure of mine and many

episode #3 3/1/14 is my opp to have fun with a fave musing, that of emperor’s new clothes . i showcase the classic birkenstock sandal & its venerable story & contrast them with the knock offs being peddled (& selling out!) by givenchy for over $800…as the saying goes, a fool & his money….i also question ralph lauren’s sochi olympic sweaters for team USA (throw some tinsel on the shoulders & you have serious contenders for ugly xmas sweater winners) & give kudos to the coats worn by the russian women athletes

episode #2 2/22/14 pays homage to george carlin’s take on “things & stuff” a la owning 125 pairs of the same shoe (givenchy’s head designer) & muses on the demise of the imelda marcos fashion collection, a legacy of schneick-loads of stuff that lies rotting in the national museum archives in manila

episode #1 2/15/14 is my intro segment, in which i explain the naming of my segment – “muse” being of dual meaning as fashion inspiration & the act of thinking on it all, with talk on the LBD (little black dress) and ROTs (ratty old t-shirts) & how one can completely morph perception via association, i.e. LBDs: audrey or ann, or cigars: general macarthur or monica….